Daily Cleaner

The future is Wooshtec Daily Cleaner
One investment – Daily savings

Daily cleaner

Wooshtec Daily Cleaner removes build-up inside the drum and keeps your concrete trucks completely clean. Its unique spray head allows recycled water to be used, thoroughly cleaning the inside of the concrete drum, including all sides of the helix shaped wings, removing all concrete build-up.

Rigorous long term trials have proven that Wooshtec Daily Cleaner maintains a > 99% clean drum. These are hard facts, making future chiselling, blasting or unnecessary downtime a thing of the past. One investment – daily savings.

Benefits in short

  • Totally clean drum
  • Consistent concrete quality delivered
  • Cleaning cycle less than 5 minutes
  • Improved environmental footprint
  • Improved health and safety
  • Significant savings

Installation Location Map

Today Wooshtec Daily Cleaner is used on more than 20 sites in Europe, with hundreds of trucks being cleaned daily, resulting in large cost savings, ensuring that the right concrete quality is being delivered to the end customer and improving the environmental footprint.

Several more installations have already been planned for 2019. We will keep you posted!

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