So previous this week we announced the cooperation agreement between Wooshtec and BIBKO.
And from this announcement I got a question that I will answer here on LinkedIn.

Question: Explain the advantage of using a residual concrete recycling system and combinding that with a Daily Cleaner?

Answer: Investing in a ready mix reclaimer results in measurable savings through the saving of costs for landfill, water and the recycling of aggregates.  In addition to the purely economic aspect, a holistic concept for handling material and water in concrete plants, active environmental protection is another reason for using a recycling system.
– The cycle of material achieved conserves natural resources and saves landfill space.

By using a Daily Cleaner, instead of the regular procedure “fill and spin the mixer”, the significant gains comes from time saving as well as ensuring a totally clean truck.

Wooshtec - BIBKO render

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